Blood, Sweat & Tears...Our son's birth (part 1)

I was on the 12th tee on a beautiful Thursday late afternoon with my good friend. We were standing on the tee box waiting for the group in front of us to finish, and my phone was sitting in the cart. I hit a great tee shot on this par 3, jump in the cart to head to the hole then get a text from Becky: "Please call me ASAP" along with multiple missed calls.

Thought about finishing the hole before calling her back, but decided against it since she was 37 weeks pregnant ;). Called her back immediately and she informed me she was bleeding heavily. My heart sank. I immediately thought the worst. Luckily, her parents were at the house and the golf course was close to the hospital. Her dad was going to drive her straight to the hospital, and I would meet them at the emergency room. My eyes were filled with tears the entire drive to the hospital. The longest drive of my life. 

The golf course is much closer to the hospital than our house. I was able to get to the emergency room fairly quickly and inform everyone of the situation. They did not take this lightly, and had a bed waiting outside the emergency room for my wife when she pulled up. Once they finally pull up, the nurses immediately take her to the OR and start getting her prepped for the c-section. A wave of relief hit us once they hooked up the heart monitor for the baby and we heard his steady heart beat. The best sound I have ever heard at the time! It took 23 minutes from the moment Becky arrived to the time she was prepped and ready for surgery. UNBELIEVABLE!

Our little man was born September 16th at 7:47 PM weighing in at a whopping 6lbs 7oz! Surgery went well, but Becky lost a ton of blood. The next 24 hours were pretty rough for her. I will discuss that in the Part 2! 

All mothers and specifically Becky deserve all the praise in the world. Witnessing what she went through 3 times over is nothing short of a miracle. I admire her strength and willpower to be able to have major surgery, and still be an amazing mother minutes after birth. Mothers do not get a chance to recover instantly after giving birth. Their job to nourish and bond with the baby begins the second they get done! It's incredible to witness. I will get into more detail on this in the next post. Stay tuned!

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