Finding love on Craiglist..How I met Mom Wilder

Yes, you read that right, CRAIGLIST! Before Tinder existed, Mom Wilder put out an ad for a boyfriend...JUST KIDDING! This story is interesting, though!

The year is 2007 and I was off at college. My dad, who was single and an empty nester at the time, put out an ad for a roommate on craigslist. My future brother-in-law (Dave) at the time was living with his brother and looking for a place of his own. Like any normal person does, he begins his search on craigslist. Ultimately, he responded to the ad, met my dad, and moved in.

Fast-forward a year, I come home from school for a weekend, and when I get home I see this random dude on the computer in his swimsuit with a straw cowboy hat on. This was Saturday evening around 5 or 6 o'clock. I introduce myself and he offers me a beer. Instant friendship. We end up chatting for a bit then we decide to go out for a few drinks. We end up going out to a bar and having a good time. The next day I leave and don't see him again for another year.

The next summer, I am coming home for an internship, and there were a couple days of overlap from when I moved back in with my dad and Dave moved out. We got to chatting and come to find out he is moving in with one of my high school best friends! This was weird because they met separately on their own randomly. I pretty much hung out at their house that entire summer, and that is where mine and Dave's relationship began. There were a lot of drunken nights in that house.

Fast forward to the end of summer, I transfer to a closer university to finish, and it just so happens that Dave is transferring to the same school. We end up both going to North Texas and continue our friendship. He ends up moving walking distance from me so we would hang out, go to the computer lab together to do homework, grab lunch, etc. One day he gives me a call and said his sister was in town and they were all going to a concert that night and was seeing if I wanted to join. His sister was currently going to school in Fargo, ND and traveled to Texas for spring break to visit her brothers. I know what you're thinking... I was that shitty friend!

I show up at the venue for the concert and he introduces me to Becky (Mom Wilder), and we instantly hit it off. It was the craziest thing I have ever experienced. We didn't even watch the concert that night. We stood by the bar and talked for the majority of the night. After the concert, we go to our bar we always frequent, sidebar. Then we take the after party back to Dave's apartment after that. Becky and I exchange numbers and she goes back to Fargo in the next day or two.

To recap, Becky and I met in March, and she was graduating from college in May. She did not know what she was going to do after college, and moving to Texas was an option. Both of her brothers lived here, but she did not have a job lined up. 

Back to the story. Becky heads back to college and we stay in touch. We continue to text for the next couple of months, and had the random drunken phone call every now and then. All this without my good friend, Dave, knowing. Becky graduates and her other brother, Matt, buys a one way ticket to Fargo to move her down to Texas! I was elated. It was Memorial Day weekend and Dave gives me a call and said he was going to take his sister out, and asked if I wanted to meet up. This was a few days after she moved down so I have not seen her yet, but I knew she was here. I meet up with them that night and we hit up the bars in our college town. We continued to hang out and see each other after that, and the rest is history! We've been together for 11 years and married for 9! I bought an engagement ring exactly a year after I met her. I knew I met the one, and wasn't going to let any time waste. Two kids later and one on the way; I thank God for that craigslist ad everyday!

Dad AF shirt!

One of our first pictures together. Baby faces!


  • Lesa Rosenbaum

    Never knew that story! Cool! Smart guy to make friends with the older brothers!!

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