The hospital experience...Our son's birth (part 2)

To recap part 1, Becky lost a good amount of blood from the heavy bleeding that caused the emergency c-section and the surgery itself. Baby and mom were doing fine after the surgery in the recovery room while we waited for our luxury suite to be ready. Becky immediately started feeding him right when we left the OR which is mind-blowing. You just finished major surgery, now nourish your baby! WHAT A BADASS!

We waited in the recovery room for around 3 hours before they moved us to our next home for the following 2 days. It was around 11:00 PM by the time we got to our room. After the initial introduction to our nurse for the evening, she noticed Becky was still bleeding heavily. She had to check her uterus to ensure it was still firm multiple times during the next 6-8 hours. That consisted of her pushing on her fresh, post-surgery stomach over and over to see how firm her uterus was. I have never witnessed someone being in more pain in my life. It was one of the hardest moments I have ever had to watch in my life. I cannot imagine the pain SHE was going through.

She continued to do this the next few check-ins every couple hours. It was so difficult to watch her go through this. Reason #2098 she is superwoman. Also, while continuing to nourish our newborn that wanted to eat constantly. To recap, she's recovering from surgery, cannot sleep because she has to feed the baby every hour and she has a nurse pressing on her fresh incision multiple times every 2 hours. I could not pay her back in 1,000 lifetimes for what she has put her body through having our 3 kiddos!

It gets better, after about 6-8 hours the nurse needed Becky to get up walking for the first time. This is a difficult task after surgery alone, but her blood pressure was severely low after all the blood loss that made it even more laborious. I am holding Jack as the 2 nurses are walking her to the bathroom in the room, and I am pretty delirious and not paying much attention like an imbecile. They are trying to walk back and the nurse is yelling at me to put the baby down! I glance over and Becky is collapsing because of her low blood pressure. I set Jack down and run over to try to help! Luckily, we were able to get her back to the bed without further injuring herself. They tried this again a few hours later with the same result. This was very scary! They were close to giving her a blood transfusion.

Finally, the third time they tried was a success! She made it to and from the bathroom without passing out! Small victory for us at the time! We are still only 12 hours in our hospital stay. After that win, it seemed her recovery was progressing rapidly after that. She was able to get herself to and from the bathroom pretty well. Everything was looking up for us to leave the following day!

To summarize, we arrived at the hospital on Thursday evening and left Saturday afternoon. There is so much I admire about Becky, but seeing her strength and perseverance through those 40ish hours was nothing short of a miracle. To top it off, we live 30 miles from the hospital and the drive home on some backroads was certainly painful. Becky could probably recount every pothole we hit (SORRY!!!!).

Even though this was our 3rd kid, it was absolutely the hardest on Becky. I could not have a better partner in life. The love I have for her continues to grow everyday. She is a wonderful mother, and I am thankful for her everyday. Cheers to all the mothers in this world! 

Truly MOM AF!

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