Friday nights as parents

Our Friday nights have changed since having kids. They have changed for the better. As frustrating as the little ones can be sometimes, they provide a sense of relief when they come home. I work from home so the first thing my two daughters do is run into my office to give me hug when they get home. It is the perfect end to Fridays and every day. 

In my 20's I would throw on Eric Church's "Drink in my hand" right before I would leave the office. There was nothing like a cold beer in my hand after a long week. Don't get me wrong, I will still crack a cold one or pour a glass of wine at the end of the week. Times have changed the older I get. The things that are important to me have evolved. 

The escape from work the girls provide is almost therapeutic. They force me to disconnect from work right when they get home, and I am so thankful for that. Everyone has high pressure jobs. It can be difficult to disconnect from work these days with your email being one click away on your phone. I love that I do not have a  choice when they get home. 

Kids are tough and they test my patience often. It's easy to forget how much better they make our lives sometimes. They both sat on my lap tonight watching a movie for a solid 20 minutes without fighting or screaming. That was my inspiration for this post. Friday nights used to be about going out and getting crunk. Now we order pizza, play and go to bed early. 

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