HotdogGate: The biggest controversy since Deflategate

Disclaimer:  This is not coming from a place of jealousy or distrust. This is all in good fun, and made for a good conversation.

Last week's episode of the Dad Wilder Podcast brought up a polarizing topic: when is it ok to share a hotdog? Feel free to click on the link above to listen. 

Here is the backstory. Mom Wilder is in sales, and is great at her job. With any typical sales job you have to attend dinners, happy hours, work events, professional sporting events, etc. It's a rough gig.

She had a "work event" at the Mavs game last week in suite with free drinks and food. Sounds like a horrible time. Who would want to do that? This is where the controversy started. The next morning we were talking about the game/event, and she tells me about all the food that was catered. For the beginning of the game they had beef tenderloins, veggies, salad and other sides. At halftime they brought out a second round of food like desserts and hotdogs. She then told me that she only ate half of a hotdog when the second round came out. So I asked, "what did you do with the other half?" I really wanted to know, did she cut it and throw it away, set it back at the catering table or just eat half and throw the rest away. Her response was that another coworker (male) had the other half. My first initial thought was, "Oh, you shared a hotdog?" Which brought us to the debate on the podcast.

I asked the other guys what they thought about their significant other sharing a hotdog with the opposite sex. The consensus among the guys is that the guy should not be sharing a hotdog, period. If a man cannot eat an entire hotdog then he needs to grow some chest hair.

We had some good responses from the episode, and I will share a few below. For the most part, all the women are on Mom Wilder's side and all the men on our side. Other men should not share hotdogs with anyone, especially other married women. 

What are your thoughts on HotdogGate? Is anyone in the wrong? Is it okay to share a casual hotdog with a coworker? Comment below or send us a message on Instagram! Listen to the last episode of the podcast to hear even more details. We really broke down the tape on this one!


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