How to survive a hangover with little kids

Every now and then parents need to let loose and imbibe a little bit. Sometimes we take it a little too far. Kids have no sympathy for your hangover. They are going to wake you up early, and seem extra needy on these days. My wife and I do not do this often, but we have learned a lot with almost 4 years with a kid. Our day is broken up into two parts; before naps and after naps. The before nap time is the most critical because you feel the worst during that period. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NAP TIME AND NAP YOURSELF!

First, be prepared to watch a lot of movies. Get a streaming device with Netflix, Vudu or Amazon Prime Video. Movies are a hungover parents best friend. Depending on the age, you might be able to get a movie or movie and half of entertainment before they lose interest. Here are a few other ideas to keep them enthralled before the glorious nap time:

- Arts and crafts

- Go on a walk

- Play hide and seek

- Play outside if the weather permits

- Take a trip to get fast food

I know this isn't the most ideal parenting post, but we all need to stay up late and enjoy ourselves from time to time with a little alcohol and adult interaction. I'm not saying we do this often, but birthdays, holiday parties and the spontaneous fun nights do happen. Take advantage of the food delivery services and suck it up. You deserve the fun night, and it was worth the one day of misery. Some people will look down on this post, but the ones who can relate are the people I want to hang out with!

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