How two dummies created badass golf polos for dads!

Where do we begin?

As a brand, Funcle and I are constantly trying to evolve. It's challenging to figure out what is next for Dad Wilder, but this was an easy one. Easy, as in, easy decision to make. Not an easy task to take on for two dummies with no experience in this area. Similar to what we've done many times before on this Dad Wilder voyage, we tee'd right off! I am not clear on what my expectations are with this blog, but maybe it will inspire someone or maybe it will make someone laugh at my poor writing skills. We're here to entertain first!

The design:

The first step for us was to land on a couple designs for polos. We had a few ideas, some good, some horrible. We knew we wanted to incorporate our signature DAD AF design because that has been our identity for the last few years. We also wanted to do something around dad's favorite hobby, mowing (obviously). Funcle and I are not graphic designers so we outsourced this step. We found a contractor to assist with our vision, and you can see the evolution of our designs below. The DAD AF was easy. The lawnmower design was anything but. We had some pretty sweet logos on the shirts! This process took around 2 months to finalize. 

Creating a Tech Pack:

WTF is a tech pack? Don't worry, we didn't know when we started either! Here is a great explanation for this provided by "Simply put, a Technical Pack (Tech Pack for short) is a blueprint of a final garment. It contains all the technical specifications and design details that make your product unique. Essentially, it is a tool used by designers and manufacturers to communicate. The quality of a finished product completely depends on the ‘quality’ of this communication.

Of course, we had to outsource this. We were so lucky and found an incredible resource to get this completed for us. I will not reveal our rock star, but she is the main reason we were able to get this entire project completed! Below are some snippets of our tech packs. These had to continually be updated based on the samples we received and changes we made. These tech packs are around 15 pages each! There is a lot of work and detail included in these.

Finding a manufacturer:

During the process of creating the tech packs, we started researching manufacturers. This was challenging because we had zero experience with outsourcing for these types of garments. Luckily, we found an incredible manufacturer that works with a ton of golf brands. 


After our tech packs were finalized and we landed on the manufacturer, we were on the green ready to putt (ha)! There were multiple revisions that went into finalizing the polos before they went into production. We received different samples around 5-6 different times with small changes each time. It was very tedious. This process took around 6 months before we signed off for production. 

That's the process at a very high level. This is something we are incredibly proud of. We genuinely appreciate all the support we've received from everyone. We stand by these golf polos and would put them up against any of other golf brand.  These have the 4 way stretch, moisture wicking, UPF 50 and wrinkle resistant features. We love our family style community whether you are a Father, Mother, Uncle, Aunt or Friend of the family! You mean the world to us and I hope we are able to brighten your day in any way!

Link to Golf Polos

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