My Top Things to do in Las Vegas

I usually go to Vegas once a year. We went for my sisters 21st birthday last summer with most of my family. It was so much fun trying to keep up with my sister and her friends. You can act like you are 21 again there.

I love going to Las Vegas because it really has so much to offer. You do not have to be a degenerate gambler (guilty) to have a good time. Below is my top list of things to do. This can be heard in more detail on episode 45 of the Dad Wilder Podcast.

This is in no particular order, just fun things to do!

1. Go to Freemont Street in downtown Vegas (old Vegas). It is such a fun experience. I've stayed down there a few times at the Golden Nugget. If you like cheap tables and cheap drinks then this is your place. There is always a live band playing on the streets that is usually pretty good on the weekends. There are some crazy/weird street performers along Freemont. Also, there is a great show at the Four Queens hotel that I've been to twice. Mike Hammer is a comedian/magician, and his show is SO entertaining. He is interactive with the crowd. He brought my wife on stage the first time I saw him and he brought our friend, the tasteless wonder, the second time. Go downtown for a night, check out his show and just walk around and people watch.

2. Go to a residency concert. Caesars, The Venetian, Planet Hollywood and pretty much every hotel will have a resident performer. These shows are usually in an intimate venue with limited seats. I have seen Elton John, Tim McGraw, Brooks & Dunn and Reba at different times in Vegas. These have been my favorite concerts because it's in a smaller venue which enhances the experience. I think I cried during the Elton John concert which may or may not have been because of the excess amount of alcohol. If you have the opportunity to go see a concert then do it.

3. Visit Margaritaville that is attached to The Flamingo. This is probably not a popular opinion, but we have had a great time here at some point on every trip. They usually have live bands in the evening which is always fun. They also have beer pong tables setup that you can play. This is definitely a personal favorite for me, but might not be for everyone!

4. Eat at a buffet. These can be a little pricey, but if you gamble enough then you might get a free one. My favorite is the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan. It can be a little expensive for dinner, but you can spend $20 and they will give you a big togo box to fill up. Keep that in mind when you are coming back to the room drunk!

5. Weather permitting, GO TO THE POOL! Vegas pools are the best. That is usually my favorite memory from each trip. You need to have at least one good pool day. The Golden Nugget has a great pool with a slide that goes through a shark tank. Caesars is great. Mandalay Bay has a beach pool. This is always a great time, and I usually meet some interesting people at the pool. 

6. Go to the sportbook and place a bet. Preferably, do this during football season. It is so much fun to watch a game in the sportsbook. You hear the gasps and cheers from everyone at the same time when a big game is on. It makes it so exciting to watch a game with so many people with a common goal of winning money.

7. Play craps! This table game can be very intimidating, but go up to a table and buy in. Everyone around the table will help you, as well as, the dealers. Once you get a basic understanding of how to play then you will be hooked. It is the most interactive game in the casino. It is what I think of when I think of a Las Vegas casino experience. You do not have to be an expert to play this game. I helped my 21 year old sister learn to play, and we ended doing pretty well! Just play for an hour to get the Vegas experience.

8. Go off the strip and play golf. I have not taken advantage of this much, but Vegas has some great courses. Also, vacation golf is the best. For the women, book a spa appointment. I haven't done this, but my wife gave 5 star reviews!

We will be going back to Vegas in January, and I cannot wait. I know my wife hates how much I enjoy going there. I love it because it's affordable to get there and stay. Now, I just have to learn how to win money! 

Comment below what your favorite things to do in Las Vegas!

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