Living in a world where you can get anything you could ever want right now or overnight, patience is almost a lost trait.

I myself have struggled with stopping and appreciating all that I have been blessed with throughout my life, especially with being a parent of two.

To often we allow ourselves to be consumed in work, to do lists, chasing the next big thing, or just being glued to our electronics. I realize the irony as I say this while typing a blog.

The point is my daughter, who is 5 now has taught me how to be more patient. We have all had long days and just want to come home and shut down for a few, let the mind take a break. When you have little ones the attention they need, and frankly they should get can be pressing after a long day.

I have learned to use that time my daughter asks me to play to be my wind down time. You can dive into their imagination and transform into the king of all the land, or a knight fighting off dragons to save the princess she is pretending to be. The next minute you could be a super hero flying high above the clouds defeating evil doers.

All to often it's easier to hand them a touchscreen and separate yourself. I say put on that crown or cape and be the best damn king the kingdom has ever seen! 

Our little ones can teach all of us a lot. I love being a Dad and I know one day I will no longer be asked to play. So while my tiny ones are tiny I want to make sure they remember the King I was when they were little. 



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