Remote Learning, A Teacher's Perspective

As people we are going through something that is unprecedented and has not been seen in over 100 years. Is it tough on us?  Absolutely, maybe some more than others. Some choose to abide by the advice of government officials, and others clearly choose not to “socially distance” themselves.  Believe me, I enjoy going out to eat at my favorite restaurants more than anyone. But if it means that I get to go back to my normal life soon I will do whatever it takes.  This is not for either side it is merely a few thoughts that I have had over the last couple of weeks of “social distancing.”

As we continually experience these times and the continued spread of COVID-19 we all need to come together now more than ever.  As an educator I have had time between online lesson planning, grading, cleaning the gym, and working out and these are just a few thoughts that I have jotted down for all parties involved in the educational process. 


I know how hard this is on you.  You are having to complete your regular jobs, and then come home to try and help your children with their online coursework.  That's tough, hell I am an educator (by choice), and I could not teach a high level math course if I had to. I could help with History, Physical Education, and maybe English.  I digress!  

The point is that this is tough on all of us.  So, before you blast your students' teachers on social media think about a couple of things.   Us teachers/coaches are used to having your kids with us, as our students, for 8-16 hours a day, sometimes 6-7 days a week (depending on our teaching/coaching responsibilities).  Those same teachers that you are giving the business to on your Facebook page are doing what they are asked by their superiors. They are trying to still provide your children with the education that they deserve, in a way that is probably unconventional to you and to them as well. 

 As a coach,  we take our kids to convenience stores or out to eat and when you forget to send them with extra snacks or money, who steps up to pay for that?  Most of the time us educators. Sometimes the kids get together and pitch in their money for all parties. And other times parents step in and help.  Imagine if us teachers blasted you on social media everytime we saw this? How would that feel? But we do not, we do it because it's right and we realize that it is our responsibility to help you mold your child into a great person. 

If you have questions,  call the teachers. I cannot speak for everyone but I will say that most would be more than happy to help (and if not then they do not need to be in our profession).


First and foremost we miss you and we love you.  You do not realize it but we take time away from those that we love because you are also our whole lives.  Remember all of the good things we have done throughout your education, specifically this year. Please know we still have work to do!  Know that if you do nothing from now until we go back to school then you will actually lose everything that you have already worked so hard for.  This doubles for your education most importantly, but also for all extracurricular activities. 

We all look forward to seeing you all very soon.  If you need us do not hesitate to call.


This is tough for us.  Know that your fellow teachers are here to help.  We are used to teaching in our routined classrooms, face to face, and with our students.  The beauty of education is that we constantly get to learn! Once we stop learning we stop being effective in what it is our overall goals should be.  

This online/distance learning is something that is going to take time for us all to get used to (parents, students, teachers).  We are at the forefront of what could be a new era in our profession, and that is a pretty awesome thought. As a result of this COVID-19 virus we as a whole, get to continue to help revolutionize education as we’ve known it for so long.  

Keep your heads up!

The bottom line is that the old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child,” rings true now more than ever.  Our schools teachers banded together to make, pack, and deliver lunches to children who need them. In the meantime, our administrators were scrambling like every other in the state to put together a plan that they thought was in the best interest of their school communities.  

Parents, students, and teachers have a responsibility to our youth to come together as one.  These children will be the generation that tells the story of how we all got through this……… TOGETHER!

-Tasteless Wonder


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