Telling Your Boss Your Kid is Sick..Again.

I am writing this as we are keeping our youngest home from daycare today with a cold. It is always hard to decide when to keep the kiddo at home because of everything you have going on at work. There is a tough balance with work and kids that we struggle with every day. Careers are demanding, and we are never truly disconnected with the technology these days. 

Our daughter did not sleep well last night, but seemed fine this morning when she woke up. My wife and I decided to keep her at home today even though our calendars were filled with meetings and tasks. We all want to be successful in our careers, be the best employees and always be accountable. We are all of these things unless we have a sick kiddo, kid's event or we are sick (which we will still work most of the time).

I know I am not the only one who struggles with putting the kids first over work. My wife and I both have very demanding jobs, and it is hard/scary to put that on the back burner temporarily. I did hear a quote from a book that stuck with me that I try to practice. Before the kids come home from school, I take a moment to myself to say THIS IS YOUR MOST IMPORTANT JOB. I need to put that in perspective so I can be the best Dad to my kids. My family is my life.

Next time you are struggling with keeping the kids home from school in fear of missing work; remember your most important job. To be the best you can for your kids.

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